Working in Cycles

Cycles play a vital role in the artistic production of Andreas Straub; they run like a common thread through more than 40 years of his oeuvre. From the onset, he has been structuring his research and works in cycles – thus creating a system for oscillating between mental and visual procedures. A cycle delivers the frame for being devoted to a specific topic for a longer span of time – sometimes for several years – and for exploring it simultaneously in different technics, materials, and formats.

Andreas Straub drives compositional findings to their extremes and explores a whole range of possibilities: from small-size drawing to life-size painting, from black-and-white drawing to exploding color, from abstract form to naturalistic image.

About the working process, Andreas Straub says: “In the presence of art, a transition occurs from the alien to the known – in a process which does not destroy, but opens up for the complex interrelation of the whole.”

The three cycles Catur Yuga, Distance and Erosion can be taken as an example for the diversity of topics that Andreas Straub has artistically explored since 1977.

Overview of the other cycles.